Thursday, August 9, 2007

Raindrops is falling on my head !

Rainfalls coming, thanks God! our water level up a little , good for the farmers, as well as for metro manila residents. Hopefully no more shortage of water supplies. We have been waiting for so long it almost 2 month before it rains. But, unfortunely if storms comes here in the philippines it causes many troubles. for instance I, an ordinary employee who commutes every day, when rainydays comes it causes heavy traffic, flooded street, few public utility!. The atmosphere in the street becomes festive because many people walking along flooded areas, sometimes water up to your waistline. it depends if your places " BAhain or not " Well, thanks God our place is not Bahain. I love watching children " nalligo sa ulan and naglalaro sa Baha " But very dangerous because it causes some water borne diases. Anyway we are earlier out from the office.